Saraswati Vidya Niketan  



Admission Procedure for New Students

    •   Downloadable Documents

      Application Form (41KB)

      School Rules (37KB)


      Initial Interview with the School Secretary.
      • Parent (s) and the child/ children should come in together.
      • Parent(s) should bring the child's birth certificate and the child's National Assessment (Common-Entrance) Exam Pass-Slip from the Ministry of Education.
      • The Secretary will take some basic information and make copies of the abovementioned documents.
      • Parents/ guardians may download and complete a copy of the Application Form (41KB) to bring with them to the initial interview - if you can do this it will simplify your first visit
      • Parents may need SVN's contact details and may wish to familiarize themnselves with SVN by reading its profile, about the school's Curriculum, and recent news about the school.


    • Interview with the School Principal
      • The parent(s) will be advised of an appointment for an interview with the Principal
      • The School Rules (37KB) will be discussed
      • The child may be admitted that same day. If so, an Agreement form can be signed by the parents and the Admission Fee of $4,000 can be paid.
      • The Secretary will also provide a booklist for the student. Most books and all school uniform material are provided by the school. School uniform material is provided at $360 per yard (top) and $400 per yard (bottom). The specific measurements and style of the uniform are also provided.
      • The student can start classes as soon as the next day.

    New students normally attend (Grishma) August Holiday Classes (4 weeks). This offers a good insight into schooling at SVN, ahead of the official start of the school year in September. During the Grishma Term at SVN new students will do revision work in important subject areas like Maths and English and are introduced to some new subjects like Information Technology and Spanish. The fee is $2,000 per week.

School Fees ($30,000) are paid during each term - 50% within 30 days of the start of the term, and the remaining 50% within another 30 days.