Saraswati Vidya Niketan  




SVN's Curriculum prepares secondary school students (Grades 7-11/ Forms 1-5) for the CSEC (CXC) Examinations and includes studies in Hindu Culture.

SVN operates four school terms in an academic year. This is one more per year that most secondary schools, with a term during the August holidays. The school terms are:

  • Divali – Sept-Dec
  • Ramnavmi – Jan-Mar/Apr
  • Vyasa Purnima – Apr-June/July
  • Grishma – Aug (4 weeks)

See the School Calendar for term dates and other events.

Forms 4 and 5 students are provided free extra sessions during the standard school terms, in the afternoons (Mon-Thur) and on weekends (Sun and sometimes on Sat), by the subject teacher. These sessions are extra time for the students to do their studies, work on CXC School-Based Assessments (SBAs), and to practice for CXC examinations by working past exam papers.

During the Grishma Term, Forms 4 and 5 students practice for CXC exams. Their Grishma Term fee is $1000 per week.

Some Forms 2 and 3 students may be identified by teachers for remedial work to help them improve. Their Grishma Term fee is $1000 per week.

New students (Form 1) often attend the Grishma Term as a head start for high school and orientation after their enrollment.