Our Fees Schedule for 2018

All fees must be paid off completely by the second month of each term. The first half must be paid in the first month of the term and the second half before the end of the second month of the term. A late fee of $500 will be charged every day for overdue payments. Please note that students with outstanding fees for any term will not be permitted to sit their end of term exams or be promoted to a higher level for the new school year.


Fee Structure:


One academic school year = 3 terms
Forms 1 to 5
  • 1 term = $64,000
  • 1 year = $192,000


  • 1 term = $80,000
  • 1 year = $240,000


Graduation Fee is $1,000 per year and MUST be paid in Divali term.

Form 5 CSEC and CAPE Students

Students must complete all payments, Form 5 ($218,880) and CAPE ($ 273,600), for the entire final year before they can uplift their CSEC/CAPE time-tables. Please note that according to exam rules, students will not be permitted to enter the examination hall without their time-tables.