Our School Rules

In order to ensure that the philosophy and aims of Saraswati Vidya Niketan are maintained and achieved, comprehensive rules were designed, which every student must follow. These rules were designed by past students themselves. Some of the basic rules are as follow:



  1. Students must greet one another, teachers and guests with ‘Namaskar’ or ‘Pranaam’.
  2. No loitering, liming or running on the corridor or on the stairway.
  3. Students must be polite to the teachers.
  4. Students must carry out instructions given by teachers.
  5. Students must respect teachers and all school property.
  6. Students must not leave the school compound without permission from the main office.
  7. If a student has to leave the school during school hours, the parent must inform the main office in advance and a parent or relative should pick the child up.
  8. Students should always try to be punctual.
  9. All footwear must be properly arranged at all times. No outside footwear is allowed in classrooms. However, students MUST have an additional pair of simple footwear which must be worn only in the building.
  10. If any student is found damaging the school’s property e.g. wall, washroom facilities, furniture, instruments, computers and accessories and books, etc., he/she will have to replace damaged property and the student can be suspended or expelled.
  11. No chewing gum is allowed on the premises. If any student is found with chewing gum he/she will be suspended.
  12. No cell phones or other electronic devices e.g. tablets, etc. are permitted in the school
  13. Students must not have social media accounts e.g. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Hangouts, etc.
  14. Students found with any prohibited substances such as ALCOHOL OR CIGARETTES will be EXPELLED immediately. Dangerous objects that can inflect injury MUST NEVER be in the possession of any student.
  15. All students must participate in other school activities or chores –cleaning of school building, washrooms, yard, Temple, etc.


Prayers & Assembly

  1. When students assemble for prayers, they must be quiet and await instructions from their teachers.
  2. Silence must at all times be maintained during assembly and prayers.
  3. Each child must participate in the cleaning of the temple and canteen, in preparation for prayers.
  4. While going for prayers, students must walk in lines.
  5. Boys sit separately from girls



  1. Students must not litter the yard.
  2. Students must keep their surroundings clean and tidy.
  3. When students see a piece of paper or any object, they should pick it up and put it in the bin.
  4. Students must keep the drains and parking lot clean.
  5. The main bins should contain garbage bags and must be covered at all times.



  1. Every class must participate in cleaning the washrooms on their assigned day.
  2. Use only toilet tissue and don’t waste it.
  3. Flush toilet after using.
  4. The washroom must be cleaned daily.
  5. Students must NOT loiter in the washroom.



  1. There must not be any loitering on the road.
  2. Students MUST use the pedestrian crossing when crossing the highway.
  3. Students must not have any ‘special’ buses or travel in buses that are overcrowded or have loud music.
  4. Students must always try to maintain discipline even after they leave school –on the road, in minibuses, etc.
  5. Students are required to travel in assigned school buses unless other travelling arrangements with parents are made.



  1. Students must stand and greet every teacher, who enters the class room, with ‘Namaskar’.
  2. Boys are seated separately from girls.
  3. Every child in the class must participate in cleaning it.
  4. Books and other learning materials must be kept neatly at all times.
  5. Students must have their own instruments that are required: pens, pencils, erasers, geometry sets, etc.
  6. There must be no cross talk between students especially during instruction session.
  7. The classroom bin must be emptied every afternoon.
  8. Students must not leave the classroom without teacher’s permission.
  9. No eating during class sessions.
  10. No unauthorized movements within the classroom.
  11. Students must not move from one classroom to another.
  12. Movement of students from one place to another must be done in quiet lines and with a teacher’s permission.
  13. No plastic bottles are permitted in the class room.
  14. Students are required to have their own textbooks and other learning materials. BORROWING IS NOT ALLOWED.



  1. The student MUST bring a written excuse – signed by a parent – when absent.
  2. Parents MUST inform the school when the student will be late, is absent or will be absent.
  3. The school MUST be informed early about any child having to leave school early or to be picked up by a parent or if the child has to go anywhere else besides home.



  1. ALL books must be well papered and labelled. The school motto must be written on the first page of every book.
  2. Students must bring the books that are on the timetable.
  3. Students must always bring their Mathematics and English texts and exercise books every day.
  4. Students must always keep their books clean and tidy.



  1. Students’ lunches must be strictly vegetarian. (No meat, Fish or Eggs)
  2. No one is allowed to leave the compound to buy lunch, snacks or beverages.
  3. Boys eat separately from girls.
  4. EATING is not permitted in the classroom during the class session nor in the lunch break. All foodstuff and beverages MUST BE CONSUMED in the canteen area.


Appearance – Girls

  1. Girls must not wear makeup.
  2. Girls should not wear jewellry except simple earrings.
  3. Nose should NOT be pierced.
  4. Eyebrows should not be shaved or lined.
  5. Hair must be properly braided.
  6. Hair must be combed back completely – no piece hanging on forehead.
  7. Nails must be short, clean and polish-free.
  8. Uniform top MUST be 3 inches below the knee.
  9. No bell-bottom or fine bottom pants.
  10. No Mehendi allowed during the school term.
  11. Girls must wear only white vests under their tops
  12. Pants must be no less 16 inches around.
  13. Sleeves must be one inch above the elbow.
  14. Uniform neck should be up to the collar bone.
  15. The top must be lined with the uniform material up to the waist.
  16. No leggings or jeans are permitted under uniform.
  17. Girls are advised not to cut nor straighten their hair while being a student of SVN.
  18. ONLY PLAIN BLACK hair ties & clips are allowed.
  19. Uniform material must be bought from the school as to ensure the correct colour.
  20. Only plain and simple wrist watches are allowed.


Appearance – Boys

  1. Boys should not wear printed T-shirts under their uniform top.
  2. Boys must wear only white t-shirts or vests under their uniform tops
  3. Simple haircut is required of all boys. There must be no lining, no “limsy”, and no fading.
  4. No hair should be combed down on forehead –all must be combed back.
  5. For boys who shave, the “jackson” should be kept midway between the top and the bottom of the ear lobe. No beard is allowed.
  6. Boys are not to wear earring(s).
  7. No floating of shirts is allowed. Shirts must be worn fully in the pants.
  8. The fold of the pants must not exceed 16 inches around.
  9. Sleeves must be one inch above the elbow.
  10. Neck should carry a button at the collar.
  11. Shirts must be loose fitted, no muscles should be apparent.


Outside of school

  1. Students must maintain a good and disciplined character even when not in school –at home or on the streets.
  2. Students are NOT allowed to visit Internet Cafes to do research, typing or printing. The school has all the necessary facilities.
  3. Students of Saraswati Vidya Niketan MUST NOT attend any extra lessons. The school provides lessons when required, free of cost.


Miscellaneous Rules

  1. ALL homework and assignments must be completed and submitted on time.
  2. Plagiarism or copying is a serious offence and must be avoided. Failure to do so can result in SUSPENSION. If this attitude persists this can result in EXPULSION
  3. ALL teachers MUST be given the same respect and obedience.
  4. Students will NOT be allowed to miss their End of Term exams without any valid reason. Any absence due to sickness or mental health should be validated by a doctor’s note. All travel arrangements and overseas visits MUST be planned after school closes.
  5. Aerated beverages and energy drinks are not allowed e.g. Coke cola, Pepsi, Red Bull, XL etc.
  6. Only REUSABLE water bottles are allowed, no drink bottles.
  7. Students MUST maintain their lines before and after assembly time and procced in silence.
  8. It is mandatory for all students to have a HOME WORK BOOK, which must be updated, signed & dated by teachers & parents.
  9. Students who request any extra time in school to complete any project, etc. must bring a written permission from the parent (s).
  10. Students must seek permission from the office in the event of any celebration in school.
  11. EVERY student should ensure that these school rules are followed at all times. Any breaches of these rules must be reported to the Principal.


*** Please note that every NEW SCHOOL YEAR begins on a dated Sunday with Saraswati Puja at 3:00 pm. All parents and students are required to attend. Students are required to be present, in their school uniform, for registration at 2:00 pm on that day.


***If a student follows these basic rules sincerely, success and good character are guaranteed.


**** Some students don’t like strict rules.  However, it is worthwhile to note that FREEDOM or INDEPENDENCE, and DISCIPLINE, which is essential for good character and success, can be found within these rules.